WEDNESDAY, October 17, 2012

BEFORE ITS TIME -- In San Francisco Bay, a 45-foot wine-tasting yacht ran aground near Alcatraz Island and began to sink.  Onlookers ashore cheered as the Coast Guard saved the 23 passengers and a case of 1984 Napa Valley Beaujolais that sells for $750 a bottle. 

AN OLD SWEET SONG -- Georgia GOP Congressman Paul Broun claimed in a  campaign speech that "evolution and the Big Bang  theory are lies from hell."  Too bad.  He'd have had a plausible argument if he  hadn't based his findings on a study of his own ancestors.

BLADE CHARADE -- The head coach of the U.S. Speed skating team was banned from the sport until 2014 for ordering a team member  to file the blades of an opponent's skates.  Big deal.  Skates are  sabotaged all the time in the NHL -- only there, they do it with what teeth they have left.

CELL SHOCK -- Despite the fact that the FAA has okayed cell phone use during flights, no major carrier has applied for  a permit.   May be just a coincidence, but three of them have tried to  trademark the name "Verizon Air" and have ordered new planes shaped like I-Pods.

VELVET ROPES -- Acceding to many requests from local residents, the 99 Cents Store will soon open a Beverly Hills Branch.  But before you charge over to Rodeo Drive to snag some bargains, the valet parking is $9.99 per 1/4 hour -- plus tip.

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