FRI, SAT, SUN, March 2, 3, 4, 2012

The Carnival Cruise Line’s Costa Allegra, crippled by an engine room fire, now drifts aimlessly in the pirate-infested Indian Ocean with no air conditioning, food refrigeration, stateroom plumbing, or electricity. Worse, without electric guitar backup, Kathy Lee Gifford has to sing a capella.

Fans of unbridled flag-waving are flocking to see “Act of Valor” about a Navy Seal team like the one that terminated Osama.  Its opening weekend $36 mil gross was well-earned by producers who had a hard time financing the $12 mil film.  Obama kept vetoing their budget.

Seeking forgiveness from Michigan Republican voters for recommending bankruptcy for failing Detroit auto-makers, Mitt Romney told them that his wife drives two Cadillacs -- both of which have built-in dog-carriers on the roof.

Automotive engineers in the UK have developed an alarm system that can observe driving habits and warn a driver when he’s putting himself in danger.  Great, but how about a device that will warn British chefs when they’re endangering diners? 

A new study published in the British Medical Journal indicates that ski-helmets lower the risk of head injury by 35%, but most skiers prefer the more fashionable ski-mask. Unfortunately, they say they’ll  switch to helmets only if bank robbers do.

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