MONDAY, March 12, 2012

At the Dallas-Ft. Worth airport, an American Airlines flight attendant had to be carted off to the loony bin after she began screaming at takeoff “We’re going to crash!  We’re going to crash!”  Turns out she’s not nuts at all.  She was on her cell phone with her stock broker. 

In Washington state, Facebook recommended that two “friends” of one of their subscribers ought to know each other since they both knew the same guy.  They did -- corresponded -- and discovered they were both married to him.   What happened?  Let’s just say his Facebook wall now has razor wire and towers.

The world of evangelism was shocked at the announcement that Pat Robertson has formally endorsed the legalization of marijuana.  But it came as no surprise to his staff who became very suspicious when he changed his “700 Club” theme song to “On the Road Again.”

An ancient Judean silver shekel, minted in AD 66 was sold at auction in New York for $1.1 million to an anonymous collector.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is, it somehow got in among his loose change the guy tipped the valet with and now the valet refuses to give it back.

The Oreo cookie celebrates its 100th birthday this month.  In honor of the event Kraft Foods unveiled three life size bronze statues on the steps of their Northfield, Ill. Headquarters -- Robin Williams standing between Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy.

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