MONDAY, March 26, 2012

At the start of his tour of Latin America, Pope Benedict XVI arrived in Guanajuato, Mexico and was greeted by Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon.  There was some delay in the pontiff’s scheduled arrival caused according to a papal spokesman by the pilot’s difficulty recognizing the airport through the plane’s stained glass windshield.

According to the latest issue of Consumer Reports, the most reliable automobile is the Honda Accord, followed by the Subaru Outback.  Bottom-feeders in the auto reliability sweepstakes include the Chrysler Town and Third World Country, the Mini Anderson Cooper and the Chevy Volt which has been officially classified as an improvised explosive device.

Poised to break all previous records, this year‘s March Madness will generate an estimated $600 million in television and ad revenue for the colleges and universities with a team in the hunt.  And you thought you made a killing winning that cool $20 in the office pool. 

In Brazil, a former policeman in a Batman costume speaks to children at schools and churches in high-crime areas about the perils of choosing a life of drug-running and prostitution.  To demonstrate the rewards of going straight, he and his sidekick Robin Leach reenact episodes of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.”

A cat named “Sugar” fell out the window of her owner’s 19th story Boston apartment and survived with some minor bruises but no broken bones.  Veterinarians at the Animal Rescue League where she was rushed by pet paramedics theorized that about halfway down, she regurgitated a hair ball and knitted a parachute. 

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