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The fast food industry was shaken to the core this week as Wendy’s dethroned Burger King as the second most popular burger conveyor on the planet – both still trailing McDonald’s, of course.  The figures are staggering – not only have Wendy’s sales figures surpassed the King’s but she also leads in heart attacks 42% to 38%. . . strokes 17% to 12%. . . and children’s toy suffocation incidents 8% to 5%.

Using a new x-ray technique, art experts at the Kroeller-Mueller Museum in Otterlo, Denmark have confirmed that a still life once believed to have been painted by Van Gogh and then dismissed as a fake is indeed the work of the Dutch master.  “Still Life With Meadow Flowers and Roses” had been falsely derided by art fraud detectives as a work not by Van Gogh but by Van Halen. 

Art restorers claim to have stumbled upon a mural long painted-over that appears to have been the work of Leonardo de Vinci.  Entitled “The Second to Last Supper,” it depicts Jesus and his disciples sharing a pizza in the first “Little Caesar’s,” long headquartered in Rome, to open in Venice in 32 AD.

New evidence has emerged that Amelia Earhart crashed in the South Pacific when she ran out of fuel and had to ditch her plane in the ocean.  An enhanced photo shows the landing gear of a Lockheed Electra, the type of plane she was flying.  Even more compelling, sleuths searching a nearby atoll for evidence of survival found her luggage.  They’re sure it was hers --  it had her name all over it.

To curb their country’s soaring rates of bulimia and anorexia among young people, the Legislature in Tel Aviv passed a measure that mandates Israeli models have a body mass index of at least 14.  It also ordered shut down the models’ official web site LetMyCaloriesGo.com.

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