Air Force Gets Down and Dirty

Facing stepped-up service on the ground in Iraq, the Air Force is adding hand-to-hand combat classes for recruits in basic training. (Los Angeles Times 4/10)

And amending their official fight song to "Off we go into the wild black-and-blue youder... "

"Passa Passa," a new, Jamaican-born, strobe-lit, sexually-explicit dance, features "gyrations by barely-clad girls in an uncontrolled frenzy of carnal excess." (Los Angeles Times 4/10)

The Funky Chicken meets Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction."

Discount carrier Jet Blue will try to recover from a first quarter loss of $33 million by flying shorter routes and increasing fares. (Associated Press 4/10)

Some common tipoffs that your airline is trying to cut costs:

1) Luggage weighed on a bathroom scale
2) Boarding pass is printed on a recycled Grateful Dead ticket
3) Flight attendants wearing uniforms from war surplus store
4) Pilot's description of landmarks interrupted by commercials
5) In-flight movie replaced by street mime working for tips

An 81-year old woman was cited in Studio City, Ca. for failure to reach the opposite curb before the light changed to "Don't Walk." (Los Angeles Daily News 4/10)

Mayvis Coyle claims the Boy Scout helping her cross slowed her down.

According to the Yoga Journal, 17 million Americans practice yoga, spending $3 million last year on classes and accessories. (USA Today 4/10)

Fans of the ancient Indian practice claim it brings them peace, beauty, a sense of wholeness and an uncontrollable desire to shop at 7-Eleven.

The Writers Guild of America has chosen Casablanca the best screenplay of all time. (USA Today 4/10)

"Basic Instinct 2" finished 3687th.

One third of West Point's graduating class in 2000 have left active duty. (USA Today 4/10)

For posts as Iraq War analysts on Fox News.

Hugh Hefner turned 80 this week. (CBS News 4/9)

Or, perhaps more appropriately, 960 centerfolds.

A new $40 million, 3-year deal to play agent Jack Bauer on "24" makes Keifer Southerland TV's highest paid actor in a drama. (Cable News Network 4/10)

In a drama, mind you----not a talk show. Oprah Winfrey spends more than that having her drapes cleaned.

Every time a California soldier dies in Iraq, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger lowers the flag over the statehouse. (Los Angeles Times 4/9)

On the national level, Bush's approval rating drops a point.

Goodyear has launched a national contest to name its latest blimp. (Cable News Network 4/17)

They thought they had a suitable name but then Kerstie Alley signed with that diet company.

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