MONDAY, March 5, 2012

A Modesto, California high school business administration teacher left his wife and four kids to move in with a former student when she turned eighteen.  The girl’s family was stunned.  Until now, she had never shown the slightest interest in business.

Lakers star Kobe Bryant was diagnosed with a concussion after a hard foul he suffered during the NBA All-Star Game.  But doctors couldn’t tell whether he received the injury from Dwayne Wade or from enforcers from Tiffany when he missed that payment on his latest apology ring. 

NASA has reluctantly admitted that they’ve “misplaced” forty-eight electronic devices including a laptop computer with the codes for controlling the International Space Station.  Worse, the formula for Tang is missing.

Irish pop icon Sinead O’Conner says her fondest wish is to be photographed nude in Playboy.  Some years ago, she was excommunicated after tearing up a photo of the pope.  Irony, or what?  Now the pope could be excommunicated for looking at a picture of Sinead.

According to a recent poll, the happiest Americans live in Hawaii.  And why not?  Fleecing unsuspecting tourists by hanging flowers around their neck that they picked for nothing and selling them conch shells they found on the beach while wearing free clothes they made out of grass.
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