WEDNESDAY, June 8, 2011

The US Marshals Service recently auctioned off convict Bernie Madoff’s personal effects and sold his underwear for $200.  Bernie had his shorts custom made by an exclusive men's clothier in Milan -- maybe you’ve heard of them  “Ponzi-of-the-Loom?”  

Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger may be prosecuted for using Highway Patrol officers to drive his mistresses from the airport to Arnold's hotel.  Legislators became suspicious when they noticed the state police budget included a "Bimbo Unit."

South Carolina football coach Steve Spurrier has proposed that the NCAA allow colleges to pay $300 to players who suit up for each game.  The players are all for it.  Three Benjamins would help keep the tanks in their NFL-supplied Escalades topped off.

To overcome the age-old fears of high school science students to perform dissections on live frogs, a California school will allow virtual dissections on a computer.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is, they’re using Kermit.

Despite a powerful contingent of shareholders calling for McDonald’s CEO to can Ronald, Jim Skinner held to his guns and refused.  Which means the only clown fired so far this year was Charlie Sheen. 

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