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A high school year book in Southern California had to be reprinted after someone spotted a photo of a couple having sex in the back seat of a ’54 Chevy used in an Auto Mechanics Class.  So much for “Celebration of  Motherhood” as a senior prom theme.

Leading environmental scientists now agree that humans create more damage to the atmosphere in a week than that caused by all the world’s volcanoes in a year.  And that’s not even counting the lava lamps from the 1950s that people keep dumping in landfills.

A barber in Trenton, New Jersey is facing assault and battery charges for biting off the ear of a customer who complained that his haircut was taking too long.  Not the first time police have been called to "Van Gogh's Supercuts."

Firefighters in Dorset England are fighting the largest fire on the heath in 35 years.  Homeowners are being warned to remove flammable items from the fire's path like propane barbecue tanks, kerosine lamps, butane stoves and Amy Winehouse.

The Chicago Cubs have drafted Wayne Gretzky’s son.  May be problems, though.  He's not a bad pitcher, but he keeps kicking the pitcher's rubber into the dugout.

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