WEDNESDAY, June 29, 2011

Sociologists in Beijing report that more than half of the Chinese who become successful in business, leave the Peoples Republic as soon as they can afford to.  Can you blame them?  Sending out for Chinese is okay once in awhile, but every night?

Johnson & Johnson recently recalled 40,000 bottles of a medication used to treat schizophrenics.  Odd since the drug has worked for years for Johnson & Johnson.  See, in real life, Johnson is actually one guy.

Eighty-year old Jack McKeon is the oldest manager in the majors, but, despite his age, no one dares challenge him on the Rules of Baseball.  In fact, he claims he has proof that he helped Abner Doubleday make them up. 

A new chewing gum being marketed in Sweden claims to increase concentration, improve stamina and contribute to one's physical beauty.  Chewing gum has a long history there.  Who can forget the phrase made famous by Swedish actress Greta Garbo -- "I want to chew alone!"

Thanks to weather-caused crop failures and increased demand, coffee bean prices will continue to spiral.  Coffee producers are doing so well, that bidder who recently paid $8.2 million for Marilyn Monroe's dress was Juan Valdez.

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