FRI, SAT, SUN, June 10, 11, 12, 2011

Praised for being "a fashion revolutionary," Lady Gaga was awarded a trophy by the Council of Fashion Designers of America.  Earlier in the week, she was honored by the World Health Organization for "refusing to wear clothing not tested for E. coli, salmonella and trichinosis.” 

Two rogue elephants terrorized the residents of Mysore, India who scattered to avoid being trampled.  After tranquilizing the animals, police credited several Microsoft tech support employees for distracting them before they had a chance to reboot.

Rolling Stones beat-keeper Charlie Watts recently celebrated his 70th birthday. Charlie is lucky to spend so much time on stage with Keith Richards.  Standing next to Keith, he could pass for 55... 56... 60 tops.

With pro athletes’ careers lasting longer than ever, the Dallas Mavericks’ Jason Kidd at 38 is still going strong.  At that age, he gets lots more ink in the programs.  Along with stats like rebounds, assists, and free throws, they also list his blood pressure and PSA numbers.

According to a recent study, an alarming 38% of habitual video gamers 13 to 18 are overweight.  Concerned parents are sending away for Sony’s new app  that replaces the game’s villain with Kirstie Alley wearing a bikini.   

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