MONDAY, June 27, 2011

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of giant retailer Wal-Mart in a sex discrimination class action.  The outcome was obvious from the start.  All nine justices were wearing new lightweight outfits they had purchased at Wal-Mart's "Judicial Robes Summer Blowout Sale."

TV's Columbo, actor Peter Falk, died in Hollywood at age 83.  His portrayal of the disheveled, dented Peugeot-driving homicide detective was so revered in law enforcement circles, when his passing was announced, detectives the world over lowered their raincoats to half staff.

Wonder of wonders, the Pentagon has somehow lost track of billions of dollars allocated to help rebuild Afghanistan.   Kind of an obvious lesson here, don't you think?   Never hire the same people you trained to blow things up to put them back together again.

Former Utah governor Jon Huntsman has joined the crowd of GOP presidential hopefuls.  Only 2% of Republicans surveyed recognized his name.  No surprise here.  I thought "The Huntsman" was that pricy all-purpose tool that fishermen buy from the LL Bean catalog.

On the run for years, Boston mob boss Whitey Bolger was arrested by the F.B.I. in Santa Monica, CA.  Hiding in plain sight has never been more popular.  Osama bin Laden was living under the noses of the Pakistan military, while Whitey was living in an apartment once rented by Epherim Zimbalist, Jr.       
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