TUESDAY, June 14, 2011

Charlie Sheen's Mulholland Drive mansion is listed for sale for $7 million.  According to reliable sources at ReMax and ICM, Demi Moore plans to buy it for Ashton Kucher's birthday.

The Aussie state of Victoria has a new law that prohibits uttering obscenities or profanities in public. Australians have been so happy since Mel Gibson left, they passed the law to make sure he doesn’t come back.

Responding to a rash of sexual assaults on hotel maids, several New York hotels have issued panic buttons to their housekeeping staff.  Even better, all have been given Medic Alert bracelets that read:  "Allergic to Arnold Schwarzenegger and the president of the IMF."

McDonalds hired 54,000 new employees during May to work the chain's new graveyard shift for restaurants now open 24 hours.  And they'll have a different name at night -- McDenny's.

Unless a buyer is found in the meantime, the LA Dodgers will run out of money by July.  Signs of new revenue-generating policies evident.  The home team dugout now has a gift shop, Dodger Dogs cost $35.95 and you can have your car valet-parked by Vin Scully.

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