TUESDAY, June 28, 2011

Congress is demanding that the ATF explain how hundreds of American-made assault weapons ended up in Mexico.  Authorities first became suspicious when Taco Bell restaurants near the border began offering a new AK-47 with their "Fourth of July Big Bang Burrito."

The LA judge handling the Lindsay Lohan case ruled that Lindsay may drink while under house arrest, but only accompanied by one friend at a time.  "No problem, judge," she said, "I'll alternate between the elephant and the giraffe."

Hard to believe that Paul McCartney at age 69 will launch his "On the Run" summer tour with a concert at Yankee Stadium next month.  Female fans still toss their hotel key on stage like they always did, but now they need the help of a caregiver.

Toyota is blaming the earthquake-caused tsunami for plummeting Prius sales.  Not the story we're getting. Market analysts are blaming complaints from new owners that whenever they switch on the cruise control, the car turns into the parking lot of a Benihana of Tokyo.

Briston Palin's memoirs, "Not Afraid of Life," really takes the reader back in time.  It begins on a cold winter night when she was two and her mother braved a snowstorm to shoot a Grizzly so she'd have something to lie on in front of the fire.
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