MONDAY, June 20, 2011

A Los Angeles company called "Rent-A-Grandma" will provide a grandparent to children in need of one.  Times sure have changed since I was a kid.  We used to have to go "over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house." Now some stranger comes to your house and collects $75 an hour.

Fresh from a stretch in stir on a firearms possession charge, NFLer Plaxico Burress will now do community service by preaching against carrying a gun.  His advice to those who need to pack heat for self protection:  Hire Plaxico Burress as a bodyguard.

Successful kids' author Robert Sayegh was recently ejected from a plane after he became belligerent with a cabin steward, describing the service he received using the f-word to modify an adjective.  Maybe you've read Robert's most well-known book, "The F------ Little Engine That Could"?

The feds have mandated fewer calories and less fat in kids' cereals.   Already, Kellogg's has "Saccerin-Frosted Rainbow Rye-Krisp," while Post debuted "Star Trek Strawberries and Sawdust" introduced by their new cartoon spokesman, "Cap'n Bland." 

A charity auction recently collected a one million dollar bid for a private lunch with compu-mogul Warren Buffet.  The winner was the guy who bid $1,500,000  to not have lunch with him. 

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