FRI, SAT, SUN, June 17, 18, 19, 2011

The California Department of Corrections is scrapping plans to build a more modern execution chamber.    To save money, they'll strap inmates into the old chair and force them to watch Paris Hilton's "My New BFF," confident they'll do themselves in by holding their breath.

Members of Cornell's class of 1931 recently celebrated their 80th reunion in Ithaca, NY.    Tears flowed like beer at a freshman kegger.  Andy Rooney and Hugh Hefner hadn't seen each other since their last Young Republicans for Calvin Coolidge rally.

Still smarting from his team's loss to the Dallas Mavericks,  LeBron James confided to friends that he wasn't giving 100% during the playoffs.  As a $17 million-a-year player, he admitted that his performance was closer to that of a $10 million-a-year player.

According to meteorologists, the sun will give off dangerous solar flares all summer.  Leading dermatologists are warning that the ultra-violet rays emitted will be almost as serious a health risk as sleeping with porn star Ultra Violet.

A 77-year old grandmother was in this year's graduating class at a Michigan high school. Before you applaud, it's not that she left school too early to graduate -- she had to redo the twelfth grade sixty-two times.
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