THURSDAY, June 9, 2011

While on a bus tour of US historic sites in Concord, NH, Sarah Palin was asked what Paul Revere was known for and she said he warned the British they wouldn’t be allowed to take away our guns.  Think that’s dumb?  Her first answer was “Sterling silver dinner settings?”

The Department of Health and Human Services is cracking down on doctors and hospitals that overcharge Medicare for supplies and services.  Items previously covered that will no longer qualify for reimbursement include plaster of Paris actually imported from Paris, designer catheter bags, valet ambulance parking and gurneys equipped with steel-belted radials.

Longtime “Law and Order: SVU” regular Christopher Meloni has been notified that he’ll soon be cleaning out his locker.  Chris sensed that his days were numbered when he noticed that the star on his dressing room door had a chalk outline drawn around it.

Egyptian soldiers who rounded up women protesters in Cairo later gave them virginity tests.  You have to admit that being an Egyptian has its benefits.  In Iraq, you have to blow yourself up to meet virgins.

HEADLINE:  “After Failing to Win During a Run of 22 Tournaments Since 2009, Tiger Woods Pulls Out of U.S. Open Blaming Achilles Tendon.”  Before you send him a get-well card, Achilles Tendon is a blonde porn star.

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