TUESDAY, July 12, 2011

Everyone thought it a little strange when Natalie Portman announced that she'd named her new baby boy "Aleph."  However, it was fully explainable.  Seems she intended to name the kid Ralph, but the nurse filling out the tag on the maternity ward crib was dyslexic.

A young woman in Richmond, Kentucky was arrested for stealing an expensive diamond ring by swallowing it at a jewelry store counter.  She's been charged with grand theft, shoplifting, and ingesting a controlled substance.  The good news:  an additional charge of concealing evidence will be dropped as soon as it shows up.

After the NBA Players Union rejected their latest offer, team owners staged a lockout.  The term "lockout" isn't entirely accurate -- the players  could still get to their lockers, but knowing that none of them have ever heard of Roman history, they just switched the combination locks to Roman numerals.

The California legislature passed a bill allowing school districts throughout the state to teach Gay History as an official course.  Already, state colleges have made it a prerequisite for degrees in Broadway Musicology, Interior Design and Anthropological Artifact Acquisition.

Archaeologists digging in Israel uncovered 3,000-year old tiles believed to have been made by the Philistines.  Graphologists concluded that the tiles were from an ancient lavatory when the inscription on them was translated to read:  "For a Good Time Call Bathsheba at "Sodom I-XIV-XXIX"

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