MONDAY, July 11. 2011

During their three-day visit to southern California, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge visited Santa Barbara where the Prince got in a spirited polo match.  Afterwards he donated his mallet, saddle and jodhpurs to charity -- a night polo program for inner city gang members. 

After several postponements, the trial of seven-time Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemons has gotten underway.  Court watchers are pretty sure he'll start lying again, though.  At his request, he was sworn in on a copy of "Beat the Odds My Way" by Pete Rose.

A coffee grower in Malaysia has developed a method of adding Viagra to a special blend of beans.  Solid sales, but a weird side-effect.  Men who begin drinking it regularly know what they're supposed to do but are too nervous to do it.

A survey by leading sunscreen maker Coppertone found that almost 75% of summer beach-goers violate some rule of sunbathing etiquette.  Most common gaffs are wearing Spandex trunks three sizes too small, showing up at a nude beach fully clothed, and kicking medical waste on someone smaller than you are.

It's time once again for the annual running of the bulls in Pomplona, Spain.  Some people claim that bullfighting is cruel.  They don't realize that those bulls would be slaughtered anyway and supply enough beef to keep the entire McDonald's Corporation in business for a year.

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