THURSDAY, July 14, 2011

An international study found that Brits are happier and more productive listening to the radio than Americans watching TV and using the Internet.  Experts credit the difference to the excellence of the BBC, the greater proportion of college graduates in the UK, and the fact that there's no British version of Rush Limbaugh.

Leading Tour de France cyclist Frank Schleck was taken ill after a Dragonfly flew into his open mouth during the race.  As if those cyclists don't already have enough to worry about like getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet and abstaining from sex, now they'll have to brush their teeth with windshield wiper fluid.    

Following a weekend conjugal visit with her convict husband, a woman in Mexico was caught trying to sneak him out of the prison hidden in her luggage. She'd have gotten away with it, too, if the warden hadn't just purchased that new Swiss-trained husband-sniffing dog.

In response to calls to limit auto emissions, the White House has issued new mileage guidelines for electric cars and hybrids.  They're more all-inclusive than usual with special requirements for individual models.  For instance, a new Toyota must get at least 46.8 mpg on the highway and 37.2 city while the gas pedal is stuck to the floorboard. 

Facebook has partnered with Skype to enable users not only to communicate with their new friends, but to look at them while they're friending.  And from now on, you'll be able to post pictures of your weird-looking friends on your Wall.  They got the idea from the Post Office. 

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