WEDNESDAY, July 13, 2011

O.J. Simpson reportedly celebrated his 64th birthday this week with family members and the few friends he has.  After they all had ice cream and cake that someone else sliced, they sang several choruses of the Beatles hit "Will You Still Think I'm Guilty When I'm Sixty-Four?"

Many Catholics were outraged over reports that the Vatican was negotiating with the bankruptcy court referee to purchase Orange County's Crystal Cathedral.   The archbishop was quick to respond, telling them "Let he who lives in a glass cathedral cast the first stone."

According to the latest study on parenthood, a child today costs 22% more to raise  than one born in 1961.  In those days, parents saved a bundle on video games alone.  The only video game the kids had back then was guessing the pin count on "Bowling For Dollars."   

For the first time in its history Dunkin' Donuts is going public.  Which is great news for law enforcement.  From now on, when when cops pig out on empty calories, they can claim they're just helping their stock go up.

The owners of that 7,000 square foot L.A. mansion where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stayed over the weekend is now up for sale.  May take awhile to move, though.  Unless there's some buyer out there who's always longed to own a moat.

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