WEDNESDAY, July 27, 2011

A free fall skydiver in Minnesota found his iPhone in perfect working order after he had dropped it from 13,000 feet.  Falls aren't the problem.  Tiger Woods proved that the most dangerous distance is the three feet between the message screen and a wife's eyes.

According to court records, Kim Kardashian has filed a multi-million dollar
lawsuit against Old Navy for unauthorized use of her image in an ad.  It isn't 
likeness to her that Kim objects to --  it's the men's T-shirts the ad is trying to sell:   "I'm With Trailer Trash." 

Tourists are taking advantage of Jefferson City Missouri's offer of an overnight in jail for only $30. plus tax and gratuity.  The "Mugshot Special" includes a gruel dinner, a cellmate who plays the harmonica -- and you get to keep the tin cup and orange jumpsuit with "Missouri Dept. of Corrections" stenciled on the back.

A record price is expected to be bid for a Marilyn Monroe sex video only recently discovered in a rare film shop.  The video may sell for even more as an item of sports memorabilia.  The guy wearing the Lone Ranger mask and black socks bears a striking resemblance to Joe DiMaggio.

The youngest champion in U.S. Open history, 21-year old Rory McIlroy has broken up with his girlfriend of three years.  Neighbors recalled their final argument in which they heard her yell "It's our anniversary and you prefer to play GOLF?"

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