THURSDAY, July 21, 2011

A woman in Austin, Texas gave birth to a 16 pound baby.  The obstetrician got some laughs in the delivery room when he began singing the old
Tennessee Ernie hit "You load 16 pounds and what do you get...  another day older and deeper in debt. . . "

A team of psychologists has discovered that showing people photos that evoke unpleasant memories improved their memories overall.  They first noticed the phenomena when they showed Maria Shriver a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger and she suddenly remembered he's a Republican.

Lindsay Lohan's mom has signed to appear on "Dancing With the Stars."  By sheer coincidence, the Lindser will appear on a new show, "Dancing Around the Truth" with Star Jones.

A tiny insect called the lesser Water Boatman is, according to a study by the Cochrane Data Base, the loudest animal on earth relative to its size.  Its
mating call is produced when it rubs its sex organs on its abdomen.  No wonder.  If we did that, we'd be loud, too.

A teenager in Russia recently set a world record by typing the English alphabet on his iPad in 5.26 seconds.  He might have done it even faster, but he
was driving at the time.

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