WEDNESDAY, July 20, 2011

Publishing mega-mogul Rupert Murdoch was called before Parliament to answer questions about why his reporters hacked the telephones of private citizens to spy on their activities, collect data on their daily lives and use the personal information to coerce them to do his bidding.  There's a problem with that?  Haven't they heard of Google?

Maryland has passed a law requiring all high schools to add "Environmental Literacy" to their requirements to graduate.  Now they don't mean graduates must be versed in the complexities of climate change, air pollution and toxic waste disposal -- they must just be able to name the city their school is in. 

Despite a heroic effort that went into overtime, the American woman's soccer team failed to defeat Japan for the coveted World Cup.  Nonetheless, it was an historic match for the American net nymphs.  When the game was over, no one stripped down to their sports bra.

Former diamond wizard Roger Clemens was stunned when his perjury trial was dismissed on the first day because prosecutors introduced evidence the judge had ruled inadmissible.  What were they thinking?  What does a corked bat have to do with lying?

A North Dakota teacher, doing a research project on the state's early history, discovered a loophole in the constitution that could mean North Dakota is still a territory.  You think that's a shocker?  A college professor in Phoenix claims to have found a dog-eared scrap of parchment that proves Arizona still belongs to Mexico.

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