FOURTH OF JULY ISSUE! (Cue fireworks)

In Ottawa, Canada, Prince William and his new wife the Duchess of Cambridge hosted their first official tree-planting ceremony as they planted a Canadian hemlock on the grounds of Government House.  But old scores are still being settled.  An Irish setter rushed from the crowd and urinated on it.

The L.A. Unified School District's Teachers union has lodged a formal complaint against the new Cameron Diaz Movie "Bad Teacher."  They feel that any school teacher who looks like that is just too much of a temptation -- not for her students, for the mayor when he shows up to pass out the state scholarships.

Critics are slashing the new Tom Hanks-Julia Roberts movie "Larry Crowne" with machetes.  And not without cause.  There's just very little between them that you could call chemistry.  In fact, Tom had a more torrid love affair with Wilson, his soccer ball in "Castaway."

Fans of the original "The Hangover" are appalled at the similarity of the so-called sequel to the original.  Not only has the almost identical plot just been given a different location, keen-eyed moviegoers noticed that both pictures use the same fake plastic vomit.

Crustaseanologists in Puerto Rico have discovered a previously unknown species of crab that has a 16-inch wide shell.  The one specimen they caught has already been hired to join the cast of "Spongebob Squarepants." 
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