WEDNESDAY, December 26, 2012

LOCKED AND UPRIGHT -- The three-year-delayed debut of Boeing's 787 fuel efficient Dreamliner has been plagued by  FAA-groundings due to numerous design flaws.  Worst offenders are the "Dinner is Served" sign that is supposed to be disabled on planes sold in the U.S. and electrical shorts in the pilot's preflight cocktail mixer.

BOWS OF WOWS -- A sure sign that the economy is slowly recovering, a survey by the American Kennel Club shows that over 70% of American dog owners surprised their pets with gifts on Christmas morning.  No word on what was most popular but in Manhattan, seventeen fire hydrants are missing.

CAMPUS SPOOKS -- Officials at the NCAA are sweating draft picks over a decision of an L.A. Superior Court judge to open files in the USC-Reggie Bush imbroglio that would reveal their ultra-secret draconian tactics.  Most shocking revelation?  It wasn't the CIA but the NCAA that found  Osama bin Laden. 

BEIJING BAR -- The increased buying power of China's new entrepreneurs has reduced retailers' traditional reliance on the Christmas season to attract buyers.  For instance, the flush Chinese are flocking to Switzerland to purchase gifts for Chinese New Year -- the Year of the Snake -- which marks China's invention of lawyers in 210 BC. 

WHERE'S MY WATCH? -- Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine came up with some truly shocking statistics.  Last year, doctors left over 2000 surgical instruments inside patients including sponges, scissors, needles and gauze.  One plus -- at least the items won't turn up as medical waste on our beaches. 

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