TUESDAY, December 11, 2012

SAY WHAT? -- The Norton Simon Museum in Los Angeles has acquired a rare Van Gogh self-portrait, one of only three showing the artist dressed in his painting togs.  His severed ear is not visible.  Probably just as well.  Norelco has purchased the rights to use it in their upcoming ads for their new "Whisper Clear Echo 2" hearing aids.

PLAY BALL! -- In the largest increase since 2007, the average salary of major league ball players is $3.2 million per year, up 3.8%, with the minimum salary set at $480,000 according to the MLB Players Asso.  The Yankees top the list at $6.88 million -- actually $6.55 after deducting the team's Hollywood bimbos' salaries.

GLOCK FLOCK -- According to estimates collected from coaches and players throughout the league, 70% of the players currently employed in the NFL either own or carry a handgun for personal protection.  Oops -- my mistake -- that's the trustee waiting list at San Quentin.

SALES TECHNIQUE -- According to USA Today, an auto dealer's "invoice price," his claimed cost for the car, is often inflated by items such as a $590 "holdback," a $200 "bonus" for meeting sales goals and a $150 kickback for wearing a cheesy-looking, polyester suit so the car will seem of higher quality by comparison.

DOOR NUMBER TWO -- In response to the nation's spiraling child obesity rates, the FDA has expanded guidelines regulating food served in school cafeterias.  Choice of whole grains has been expanded to include along with wheat -- rye, barley and soy.  And from now on, students will have a choice of three mystery meats -- "Riddle," "Enigma," and "Riddle Wrapped in Enigma."

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