FRI, SAT, December 21, 22, 2012

POWER FAILURE -- Century-old recordings, believed the first  ones made celebrating Christmas, were discovered in an attic in  New Southgate, England.  The Wall family is heard on the scratchy wax cylinders laughing, singing carols and opening gifts.   But some things never change.  One kid is heard in the background asking "Where are the batteries?"

WHERE ART THOU? -- The opening of the long-awaited "Romeo and Juliet" at the La Scala Theater in Milan was cancelled after choral singers walked out, refusing to dance in the production without extra compensation.  Just proves that Yogi Berra was right -- "The opera ain't over until the fat lady refuses to sing."  

FUNNY MOTHER -- In her first leading role in eight years, Barbra Streisand plays Seth Rogan's mom in a diamond-lane adventure called "Guilt Trip."  She a typical Jewish mother -- but with a technological update.  She confides to a friend before the trip "Some son.  He never calls...  he never texts."

ROACH ROAD STOP -- The Washington State Legislature is appealing to inventors and engineers to come up with a reliable means of testing drivers suspected of driving under the influence of pot.  The best they've come up with so far is having suspects blow up a balloon that registers positive if it's shaped like Willie Nelson's head.

PAY-AS-YOU-GO -- College-bound girls who lack the necessary tuition can now go to the website sponsorascholar.com and hook up with academically inclined gentlemen who are willing to finance the higher education in exchange for sex whenever requested.  Of course, the same deal is available for those willing to forgo the sex -- it's called "marriage."

THANKS FOR THE MEMORY -- View over 550 classic vintage video clips of Bob Hope Specials available nowhere else!  Each are dated the year they originally aired on NBC from the 1977-78 season to 1991-92.  Included are segments from 1978's "Bob Hope Down Under" from Perth, Australia and 1979's "Bob Hope in China" taped in Peking and Shanghai (with Mikhail Baryshnikov).  Take a trip down Memory Lane that you won't soon forget!

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