SUN, MON, December 16, 17, 2012

HOLY TWEETS -- With his Twitter account active for only a week, Pope Benedict XVI already has 1.65 million followers and 35,000 re-tweets.  And his papal abbreviations are now being adopted by other tweeters like TSN "Thou Shalt Not," GIP "Go In Peace," and PMB "Play More Bingo."

TOOTH BE TOLD -- The governor of West Virginia has pleaded with producers of a new reality series called "Buckwild" which follows the the daily lives of West Virginia hill dwellers to shut down.  As well he should.  One critic has described the series as "'Deliverence' without the sophistication and Disneyesque woodland scenery." 

DRESS THE PART -- Kink.com, a porn acting school in San Francisco, is now taking applications for the Spring Semester.  Like most acting classes, the students study motivation, projection, improvisation and feeling comfortable doing scenes that require full frontal clothing.


BOOP-BOOP-BE-DOOP -- The Van Nuys Post Office has petitioned to change its name to the Marilyn Monroe Post Office in honor of the iconic actress who attended Van Nuys High School in the 1940s.  San Fernando Valley postmen can't wait.  Now when they deliver the mail late, they can say they're just honoring Marilyn. 

BAH HUMBUG -- A man in Wichita, Kansas who decorated his pickup truck with 900 Christmas lights powered by a gas generator in the truck's bed was fined $274 for creating a safety hazard for other drivers.  Oh, and the six reindeer attached to his front bumper didn't exactly scream safety, either.


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