THURSDAY, December 20, 2012

HOLY POP CHART -- His colleagues in the Vatican had no idea how much Pope Benedict would enjoy his new Twitter account.  Now he's  promoting the re-release of a hit 1963 single he cut as an accordionist before he became a priest that was number one on the Rome charts -- "Our Lady of Spain."

MAGIC CARPET -- The first Boeing 777 has been delivered to the official airline of Iraq.  Financed by the British government and David Branson who helped get if off the ground, the carrier will fly international routes.  Maybe you've heard of it -- 72 Virgin Airlines?

MODEL INMATES -- Two men being held at a Chicago federal detention facility knotted 20 bedsheets together and repelled 15 stories to the street below after squirming through a cell window only five inches wide.  Witnesses told police they appeared to be  disguised as Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss.  


BRIEF ENCOUNTERS -- The global media products division of the Nielsen Ratings Company has entered a multi-year deal with Twitter to monitor comments made about TV programs as well as re-tweets and the number of ultimate recipients.  Which will pose quite a challenge to viewers --  Ever tried describing a  rotten TV series in 140 characters?


PHONE PHUN -- Samsung has dethroned long-time cell phone king Nokia as the  largest producer of mobile handsets, accounting for 29% of sales worldwide.  Analysts credit Samsung's superior quality, durability and the ease of surreptitious use of their product while driving.  

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