TUESDAY, July 31, 2012

REAL LIFE DRAMA -- Following their tabloid-hammered split and subsequent divorce, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have set sail on the remainder of their lives with Katie returning to the boards on Broadway in "Dead Accounts," and Tom filming another "Mission Impossible."  Interesting script.  His impossible mission is trying to locate the assets he hid during his divorce settlement.

SUSPENDING DISBELIEF -- The producers of Charlie Sheen's new sitcom "Anger Management" had to have a lot of courage to sign him.  It's a little hard to buy Charlie's character as a former major league ball player.  He can't hit, he can't pitch, and he can't field.  On the other hand, he does date bimbos.


BOTTOM FEEDING -- To help ease commercial shipping along the draught-striken Mississippi, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dredged the bottom to deepen the river.  In the process they dredged up some interesting objects including Tom and Huck's raft still lashed together, the original bell from the Show Boat's wheel house and Madeline Murray O'Hare's inscribed luggage.


PET LOVER -- Military forces of the Syrian government have stepped up their attempts to regain control of rebel-held areas in war-torn Aleppo using  massive attacks of artillery, ground forces and airborne assaults on rebel forces by heavily-
armed helicopter gunships.  Asked for her reaction, Michelle Bachman told reporters that she hopes the dog food factory is spared.

TARGET PRACTICE -- Former vice president Dick Cheney shocked GOP operatives by telling ABC's Jonathan Karl that naming Sarah Palin as a vice-presidential candidate "was a mistake" because she was ill-equipped to be president.  John McCain was quick to respond in kind.  "A mistake maybe, but not as bad as shooting a friend in the face."  

THE A-TEAM -- Gene Perret, Jeffrey Barron and Martha Bolton would help staff the Bob Hope specials beginning in the mid-eighties. Gene, who had begun his career submitting jokes to Phyllis Diller while in middle management in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, began contributing to Hope’s monologues in 1969. Later, he and I would travel with Hope to London, Stockholm and Tahiti.  Martha was from Arkansas, was married to a sergeant in the L.A. Police Department and showed up at just the right time. Considerably younger than most of us, she brought a softer, more Norman Rockwellian, Readers Digest sensibility to the material that balanced the edgy, smart-alecky tone the old-timers thrived on and that seemed less and less suitable for a comedian who was, by then, 83. 

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