TUESDAY, July 17, 2012

TIGER RAGGED -- Coming off of a pogo-stick-like record of wins and cuts on the PGA Tour, Tiger Woods will attempt this week to get his derailed career back on track by winning the British Open.  He told reporters he's hoping to score with a new putter he's been breaking in and expects to rediscover his groove.  And -- oh yeah – he’d like to do better on the greens, too.

BE MY HONEY BEE -- Entomologists in Beijing are scrambling to determine what’s causing honey bees to mysteriously die.  Fifteen million have perished so far.  Probably from exhaustion.  By nature, Chinese bees instinctively fly to the U.S., suck our flowers dry of nectar, then fly back to store our honey in their pagodas – er, hives. 

PRIMARY COLORS -- The USA Network enjoyed respectable ratings for the premier of “Political Animals,” their new Washington-based mini-series.  Reviewers found the outing a fun-to-watch, though trashy, rendition of a serial-womanizing former president from the south and his politically ambitious wife who loses a presidential bid and vows to run again.  In other words, it’s a documentary.

SIGHT UNSEEN -- A recent medical study has discovered a statistic that’s brought pride to ophthalmologists nationwide.  It seems that the eyesight of elderly patients has improved in the last thirty years. In 1984, one in four people over 75 couldn’t read newsprint – today, it’s one in ten.  And 13% of the men affected have to put up with mothers who say “I told you it would make you go blind!”

SQUAD SQUELCHED -- Star Trek fan clubs are preparing to welcome hundreds of new members after Best Buy announced that its laying off six hundred of their tech-savvy Geek Squad special agents.  They’re punching up their resumes while executives at Best Buy have a problem, too.  How do you dump 300 Volkswagen beetles with “Geek Squad” plastered all over them?
NAME GAME -- We taped a special at West Point in 1981.  I bought this poster-sized print of an oil painting of a black, fur-plumed drum major’s parade helmet. I carried it around with me all week, collecting the autographs of our guest stars, George C. Scott, Bob Urick, Mickey Rooney, Mary Martin, Brooke Shields, Glen Campbell, Marie Osmond, David Merrick, Sugar Ray Leonard and VP George Bush. I managed to nail them all and didn’t realize until later that I might have a collector’s item. It’s no doubt the only document in existence signed by a Bush and George C. Scott.
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