MONDAY, July 9, 2012

OLE! -- Two young New Yorkers who couldn't resist the allure of one of the last vestiges of risky behavior that's still legal decided to fly to Pomplona, Spain for the annual Running of the Bulls this week.  They'll face the danger of being trampled to death as well as being slashed in the groin -- and that's just getting past the TSA screeners at LaGuardia.  

DAMP UPPER LIP -- Although Olympic officials claim the record-setting rain that has the United Kingdom soggier than it's been in decades will not effect the upcoming Games, the Brit-on-the-street isn't so sure.  The UK has recorded so many inches of rain over the past 30 days, the water in the moat outside Buckingham Palace is all the way up to the drawbridge.

DUMB & DUMBER -- Police in Santiago de Compostela, Spain have recovered one of the country's great cultural treasures, the Codex Calixtinus, a 12th century religious manuscript that was stolen last year.  The thieves couldn't have been more inept. They not only didn't demand enough ransom -- 30 pieces of silver -- but sent their note to an order of monks who take a vow of poverty. 

TARMAC TANYA -- A 32-year old woman who burst into song aboard a Caribbean Airlines flight bound for Trinidad and Tobago had to be forcibly restrained, causing a delayed takeoff from JFK Airport.  While she was not arrested, gate personnel eventually subdued the songstress, but not before they had to call in Paula Abdul to convince her that she had a lousy voice.

BANZAI! -- Japanese women have discovered the fitness benefits of learning the ancient art of using the samurai sword.  They wear authentic costumes and practice offensive and defensive positions while undergoing a Jane Fonda worthy workout.  There's a lesson here. Best you think twice before stiffing the waitress at Benihana of Tokyo. 

BIRDWALK -- During our month in China in 1979, Sesame Street’s Big Bird so totally captivated the kids, there’s a whole generation over there now that’s sworn off Peking duck.  Inside the Big Bird costume resides a talented puppeteer named Carroll Spinney who, thanks to a special contractual arrangement with Jim Henson Productions, operates the only Muppet character allowed to work solo.  Kids followed him wherever he went and Big Bird later hosted his own special from the Peoples Republic.

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