THURSDAY, July 19, 2012

GREATER WALL --  According to a report announced by China's State Administration of Cultural heritage, the Great Wall of China may be two and a half times longer than 
previously believed.  Topographical data now indicates that it is 13, 171 miles long, four times the U.S. width, coast-to-coast.  Could be some problems ahead.  Satellite imaging printouts show that the Wall may run through downtown Cleveland.


CASTENET INCOME -- To create a more "positive image" of his country's deep-cutting austerity measures to counter rampaging inflation, Spain's King Juan Carlos is setting an example for his subjects by agreeing to a 7% cut in his yearly salary.  Even more impressive, he's let three of his footman go and is making do with two manicurists from Barcelona's popular "Buff 'N' Bunions."


SCOUT'S HONOR --  Despite pressure from gay and lesbian groups to abandon their rule against allowing homosexuals  and fall in line with the Girl Scouts who now allow lesbian leaders, the Boy Scouts of America have decided to retain the ban rather than offend their major sponsors including the Catholic and Mormon churches.  In appreciation, the pope has announced he'll fire the Swiss Guard and replace them with Eagle Scouts.

SUSPENDER SUSPENSE -- Longtime CNN stalwart Larry King who retired last year is back with his own, more personalized -- it's taped in his den at home -- talk show called, appropriately enough, "Larry King Now."  The series airs Monday through Thursday on web TV's Hulu.com.  The first thirteen weeks will feature a family theme -- interviews of all twelve of his wives and one girlfriend.  


FOR THOSE WHO DRINK YOUNG -- Soft drink addicts are up-in-arms over New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's recent ban on over-sized soft drinks that can no longer exceed 16 ounces.  No media path is being overlooked as the group is circulating petitions, flying airplane banners, and using radio, TV and movie marquee ads to get their message heard.  Interesting health note:  Participants of the March on City Hall weighed, on average, 30% more than Tea Party marchers.  

TEAMWORK -- Bob Hope writers Seaman Jacobs and Fred Fox had been together for several decades. Fred, a UC Berkeley grad, had worked as a radio disc jockey despite a stuttering problem that mysteriously disappeared when he spoke into a microphone. Si, a graduate of Syracuse University, had been a press agent in New York and knew almost everybody in show business.   They worked on "I Love Lucy" for many seasons and contributed scripts to shows including "F-Troop" and "The Addams Family." (Si was the proud creator of "Hand.")  They wrote scripts for "The Love Boat" and worked with George Burns on his act and several of his books.  

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