WEDNESDAY, July 25, 2012

THE TEMPLE OF MEDICARE -- As Indiana Jones, he's guided us on adventures seeking the Lost Ark and the Temples of Doom and Crystal Skull.  Hard to believe that the archeologist, Stetson cocked at a jaunty angle and whip close-at-hand behind his back, just celebrated his seventieth birthday.  If you think Harrison Ford looks young for his age, Callista Flockhart says that naked, he looks every year of it. 

MEN HAVE NAMED YOU -- A group of archaeologists digging in a cave near Rome stumbled upon what they strongly believe is a skeleton of a young woman they think may have been Michelangelo's model for the Mona Lisa.  In a strangely similar story, Larry King recently joined Ancestry.com and stumbled on documentation indicating that one of his male ancestors was once married to Whistler's Mother.

EMBER MEMORIES -- Twenty one people attending a Tony Robbins "Wish Your Way to Success" seminar were severely burned while attempting to walk on hot coals that Tony had assurred them would cause no  harm.  Turns out the stunt was just a ploy to interest the group in Tony's next seminar:  "Wish Your Way to a New Set of Feet."


HOWDY SAUDIS -- The Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee in Ryad has announced that two female Saudis have qualified to compete in the London Games, one in judo and the other in track and field.  Turns out they're both the same girl.  Seems she mastered judo while defending herself against coaches who tried to stone her whenever she lost a race. 

MIX 'N' MATCH -- Dr. Howard Stringer, an anthropologist  at London's Natural History Museum, is attempting to substantiate his theory that there was inbreeding between the earliest Homo sapiens with the less-evolved Neanderthal.  Dr. Stringer began his experiments by sending members of the Bar Harbor Yacht Club into biker bars to try to pick up chicks.  

MAKE ROOM FOR TALENT -- Bob Hope and Danny Thomas went back a long way.  They were good friends and Danny heeded Hope's call whenever he was invited to guest on the show.  Hope asked him to help open the Gerald Ford Museum and Library in Grand Rapids, Michigan in October, 1981.  The special would highlight Hope's career as he welcomed more international dignitaries -- including the Reagans and presidents of Mexico, France and Japan -- than he ever had.  Along with Danny (whose talent as a story teller was tailor-made for black-tie events) Hope's guests included Pearl Bailey, Sammy Davis, Jr., Gordon MacCrae, Tony Orlando, Glen Campbell and Mark Russell.  Danny appeared in plenty of Hope sketches, too, including as a senator in a parody of the Iran-Contra hearings and as a Golden Boy along with Hope and lee Majors in a take-off on the "Golden Girls." 

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