WEDNESDAY, January 9, 2013

TEARS & JEERS -- A leading best picture contender this year is Victor Hugo's "Les Miserables," the story of Jean Valjean who serves 15 years for stealing a loaf of bread, violates his parole, adopts the daughter of a gal he'd wrongfully fired who dies of a broken heart, and is exposed by Det. Jovert who doggedly follows him and makes his life a living hell.  Probably won't win, though.  Academy members seldom vote for a comedy.

LITTER BOXED IN -- Inventive inmates at the Alagoas State Prison in Arapiraca, Brazil were caught using a cat to smuggle files, saws, and drills past guards who were used to seeing the mascot come and go at will.  Authorities theorize that the inmates had planned to scale the 30-foot wall using woven fibres fashioned from a giant hair ball.

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ONE RINGY DINGY -- Maybe technology has progressed a little too fast.  Petitions are being circulated in several major cities for a ballot initiative to bring back old-fashioned phone booths.  But Nokia is fighting back with a special cell phone for New Yorkers that they hope will simulate the full booth experience.  It has a coin slot that releases the aroma of fresh urine.

BOOTING UP -- To qualify for unemployment in the UK, you now have to prove you looked for work online.  So far the requirement has produced some unexpected benefits.  If you don't know how to purchase a computer, Best Buy hires an unemployed clerk to advise you, and Microsoft hires three unemployed tech associates to teach you how to get online using Windows 8. 

NAME GAME --  A lot of movie-goers have been misled by an unfortunate similarity of titles between two films currently showing -- Bill Murray's Telluride Film Festival favorite "Hyde Park on Hudson," and a crime caper from the UK about a bumbling band of art thieves who can't agree where the getaway car should be parked entitled "Hide, Park on Hudson!"

Alan Shepard at the Air Force Academy - 1980

THANKS FOR THE MEMORY -- View over 550 classic vintage video clips of Bob Hope Specials available nowhere else!  Each are dated the year they originally aired on NBC from the 1977-78 season to 1991-92.  Included are segments from 1978's "Bob Hope Down Under" from Perth, Australia and 1979's "Bob Hope in China" taped in Peking and Shanghai (with Mikhail Baryshnikov).  Take a trip down Memory Lane that you won't soon forget! 

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