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AREN'T YOU GLAD YOU CAME?  --  The BBC's new Irish version of "Cheers" bears an uncanny resemblance to the American version complete with the fat guy who sits in the same seat guzzling beer, the 4 foot-tall smart-mouth bar maid, the blowhard Royal Mail delivery man, and the dizzy blond waitress who has a crush on the bartender, a handsome, recovering alcoholic ex-cricket player.  One big difference, though.  To accurately reflect Irish drinking habits, the theme song ends with "... where hardly anybody knows their name."

CREAMY CENTER -- Scientists are delighted with the discovery  of the oldest known Martian meteorite from the Sahara Dessert they think is 2.1 billion years old.  Spectroscopic analysis shows that the softball sized "Black Beauty" contains traces of organic carbon, sodium, potassium and manganese.  Interestingly, the exact formula for Twinkies.

TRAINING FILM -- A pilot for American Eagle Airlines preparing to fly to New York from Minneapolis-St. Paul was arrested by the TSA for reeking of alcohol.  He was tested and immediately grounded by the FAA.   Fittingly, the scheduled in-flight movie was Denzel Washington's "Flight." 

PAPER CAPER -- In an attempt to "reduce the carbon footprint," the CEO of Starbucks says the company will replace cardboard cups in favor of reusable ones.   Company bean counters concluded that the trees saved would offset the extra paper needed to print dollar bills -- six of which on average are charged to fill the reusable cups.

SHUTTER SHUT DOWN -- Teen ticker throb Justin Beiber pleaded with authorities to clamp down on the paparazzi invading his privacy whenever he appears in public.  Justin is being compared to fellow paparazzi-plagued Prince Harry.  And rightly so.  Both are third in line to become king -- Harry of England and Justin of Pop.


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