FRI, SAT, January 4, 5, 2013

NO COMPETITIVE BIDDING -- For the first time, the U.S. Department of Defense sponsored a flowered float in Pasadena's Rose Parade.  All went well with their "Tribute to the Korean War Vets" until a mechanical breakdown forced them to purchase -- at unconscionable prices -- replacement parts from the Defense Contractors' float.

GRANNY GOOSED -- The American Automobile Club estimates that, despite soaring gas prices, 84 million Americans drove at least 50 miles from home to visit relatives this holiday season.  And in a touching throwback to Christmases past,  37% of them actually went "over the meadow and through the woods to grandmother's house."

ENOUGH ALREADY -- Michigan's Lake Superior State University has released the 2012 crop of "The Last Words to be Banished From the Queen's English for Misuse, Overuse and General Uselessness."  Included are "fiscal cliff," "trending," "guru" and "passionate."  Also "to Kardashian" -- to reach the top with no discernible talent and "GaGa" --  a protein-enriched wardrobe. 

THE PLOT THICKENS -- With prime real estate at a premium, Hong Kong's upscale Chinese, who are naturally speculative, are buying and selling their assigned parking spaces in exclusive residence and business districts at prices as high as $640,000.   One deceased entrepreneur was so reluctant to give his up, he was buried under it -- smiling behind the wheel of his Mercedes S500. 

CLOSING BELL -- In one of the largest stock and securities transfers in financial history, the Intercontinental Exchange purchased the New York Stock Exchange for a whopping $8.2 billion.  First thing they plan to do is spruce up the appearance of the floor traders -- by banning the green eye-shades and those brown jackets that make them look like Ace Hardware store clerks.

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