THURSDAY, January 10, 2013

BROKEN DREAMS -- The long-awaited Boeing 787 Dreamliner has been plagued by a series of defects including in-flight fires, generator failures, leaks in fuel lines, and an exploding battery.  In fact, the breakdowns have become so epidemic, Federal Air Marshals who fly on the planes now carry a concealed firearm and a wrench.   

McCHASE -- Joining its popular Chicken McNuggets and McBites, McDonalds is introducing a new poultry item, McMighty Wings -- as soon as the glitches are worked out.  The company's McBreeders have successfully developed a new chicken with four wings and hope to put them on the menu as soon as they can catch one. 

DESIGNATED DRIVER -- Lexus has joined Google and Audi in developing a driverless car that can navigate without human intervention relying on GPS, HD cameras, forward and side radar, gyroscopes, accelerometers and laser tracking.   In other words, everything Lindsay Lohan would need to drive home from  a club at 3 am.  

PRIDE PREJUDICED -- According to the American Freshman Survey's annual questionnaire given to entering college students, a whopping 25% of them can be characterized as narcissists.  They rated themselves higher than average in academics, drive, ability and self confidence.  Memo to parents of the class of 2021:  See what happens when you give kids a trophy just for showing up? 

RIGHT-TO-WORK -- Ordinary Chinese citizens from peasants to  neo-entrepreuneaurs are expressing support for employees of the liberal Beijing paper, The Southern Weekly, who have gone on strike protesting government censorship.  Journalists wrote thank you notes -- which isn't easy hanging upside down chained to the wall of a barn on a collective farm.

Taping on the beach at Waikiki in 1981
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