MONDAY, June 11, 2012

CUBICLE CRUISING -- Since an increasing number of corporate employees now work almost completely online, Internet romances among co-workers are thriving, according to an article published in the London Daily Mail.  And Facebook is making adulterous couplings faster and more convenient than ever.  Married people in the mood to fool around need only fill in the relationship box with "Open Season" and suggest a tryst in the supply locker.

BLADDER MOUTH -- Nicole Kidman's next movie “Paperboy” will feature a scene sure to raise controversy among the taste mavens.  To ease pain inflicted by stings from a giant jellyfish, Nicole urinates on co-star Zac Efron's face.  Now I'm confused.  In Hollywood, isn't that what agents are for?

BECAUSE WE LIKE YOU -- Responding to a 23% rise in teenage diabetes over the past eight years, The Walt Disney Company has banned commercials for fast food, sugar cereals, high calorie snacks or any other food products that don’t meet Federal nutrition standards for fat, sugar and sodium.  To underline their total commitment to healthier eating, they’ve added an eighth Dwarf name “Skinny”and Donald Duck now has four kids, “Huey,” “Dewey,” “Louie” and “Lofat.”

PAPER OR PAPER? -- The Los Angeles City Council has voted to ban the use of plastic grocery bags.  Interesting graphic the city has come up with for their signs announcing the ban -- a circle with silhouettes of Joan Rivers and Cher with a black line drawn through them. 

             YouTube VIDEO of the DAY

MASTER CLASS -- In 1979, Bob Hope hosted a three-hour special from Peking and Shanghai, China.  Among his guests was Mikhail Baryshnikov who conducted this workshop for the Peking Ballet School.  This is the most popular clip on The Laugh Makers Channel, receiving over 21,000 views to date. 


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