THURSDAY, June 21, 2012

A West Bank gun club offers an “exciting program geared to teach anti-terrorism tactics."  With Israeli Army instructors, the two-hour course covers weapons handling, hostage negotiation and self-defense.  It's all very realistic. For instance, they simulate torture by making the students sit through Adam Sandler's "That's My Boy."

Wielding a long pole, a Chinese duck farmer in Taizhou Zhejiang halted traffic along a half mile route to a local feeding pond when he decided to take all 5,000 members of his flock out to lunch.  According to observers nearby, not one of the ordered Peking Duck.


Forbes Magazine named Gisele Bundchen the world’s highest paid model, making $45 Million a yea rin the designer rags and say cheese industry.  And you thought Kobe beef was expensive.  If models were valued the same way, Gisele would cost $500,000 a pound.
Amid cries of "Racism!", Adidas has pulled its controversial new line of sneakers called JS Roundhouse Mids which featured chains of orange plastic and ankle straps that resemble shackles.  Canceling their planned August debut, a company spokesman denied the design was was intended to be reminiscent of slavery.  The cancellation recalled the company's 1989 decision to scrap their "Uncle Tom's Cabin" ice skates.

Twenty-year old hypnotist Maxime Nadeau, giving a demonstration at Quebec’s College du Sacre-Couer private school, was unable to revive four 12 and 13-year old girls he had put under and, after trying for several hours, had to call his trainer to break their trance.  Even the trainer had no luck until he called Justin Beiber for advice.


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