MONDAY, June 25, 2012

WISH YOU WERE HERE -- Facebook has released the list of subscribers' favorite "check-in" sites that has New York's Times Square in first place, followed closely by Chicago's Wrigley Field, San Francisco's Giants Stadium and LA's Staples Center.  Tied for least favorite are Lindsay Lohan's car rental agency and the Penn State shower room. 

NO FEATHERS -- Tampa Bay reliever Joel Peralta received an eight game suspension from the Commissioner of Baseball after he was caught using pine tar on his glove during a game with the Nationals in Washington, D.C.  May have given him the idea for the excuse he gave the umpire -- "I can not tell a lie.  I cut down a pine tree and it bled all aver me."

KINGSTON TRIO -- In an effort to cut down on private cars at Boston's Logan International Airport, air passengers who ride the Silver line Bus into the city will pay nothing through September.  The free shuttle program, called "On Us," is dedicated to "the man who may ride forever 'neath the streets of Boston... the man who'll never return." 



NO MSG IN THE LPGA -- Beijing's Shan Feng has become the first female professional golfer from China to win on the LPGA Tour.  She's the only female on the tour allowed to use more than one caddy.  Thanks to an exemption granted by the Chinese government, she's allowed to use a gang of four.

HOUDINI CENTRAL -- After installing "escape-proof" locks on all the cells at Atlanta's Fulton County Jail, the chief jailer offered a free catered gourmet dinner to any inmate able to pick his lock.  The winner will be given his prize as soon as the guards find him.



BOOK HIM, DANNO! -- We're in Waikiki in 1981 where Hope delivered his monologue in an outdoor arena before an audience of tourists and locals who had been anxiously awaiting his arrival.  I spotted Jack Lord sitting about five rows back and as a longtime fan of Hawaii Five-0, I couldn't resist asking him to sign my script.  (Notice my Five-0 ball cap.) In 2010, CBS brought back the show with Alex O'Loughlin as Steve's son who now heads the elite unit along with Scott Caan as Danno and Daniel Dae Kim as Kano. 

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