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COO CHI COO CHI -- After being closed for ninety years, a grass hut memorial to Treasure Island author Robert Louis Stevenson who spent six months living in a hut on Waikiki was restored and reopened in Honolulu and is now open to tourists.  Hosting the event was Hawaii resident Charo who blew a lusty rendition of "Goin' Back to My Little Grass Shack" on her giant conch shells.

TREAD NOT -- According to data collected by the European Commission, nearly one third of Brits engage in no physical activity of any kind, making them even more sedentary than their neighbors in Denmark and Ireland.  Turns out, it's not dentists that the Brits avoid like the plague, it's that miserable walk from the car to the chair.

TEA FOR TWO -- Scheduled to open in the fall near Seattle, Starbucks first Tazo Tea Shop will offer more than 80 varieties of loose leaf tea, tea Lattes and iced teas, all expertly mixed by a "tea partner."  In keeping with the company's well-known coffee marketing strategy, Tazo will provide the leaves for free but the cup of hot water will set you back $7.49.

DE-FRIENDING FACEBOOK -- Teens across the nation are bailing out of Facebook in droves and setting up shop at niche sites that offer them better browsing and more personal contacts like YPulse, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram.  Aside from the other advantages, teens report that the sites are easier to access while driving.

DELAWARE PUNCH -- Adopting one of the toughest slow driving laws in the nation, the state of Delaware has enacted a measure that will impose stiff fines on motorists who hog the middle or fast lane while driving below the speed limit.  In addition, if the slow poke also has his or her turn signal activated for no apparent reason, the fine climbs to $25 per flash.

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