MONDAY, June 18, 2012

Photos Courtesy of Leslie Jones/Boston Public Library

                BUFFET'S PRICEY BUFFET

TIP INCLUDED -- The identity of the anonymous bidder who paid $3.5 million to have lunch with Warren Buffet during which he could seek financial and career advice has been revealed thanks to an unnamed aide to Buffet.  The revelation stunned Wall Street.  Why Mark Zuckerberg needs career advice remains a mystery.

WHO'LL SHOOT J.R.? -- Seven million viewers watched TNT’s reprise of the 1970s pot-boiler “Dallas,” with Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Grey back in their original roles.  Several obvious changes to Southfork had to be made to accommodate them, like extra hand railings, wheelchair access, and “The Clapper” in all 46 rooms.

QUO VADIS -- Mark Shriber, on Piers Morgan to promote his new book “A Good Man:  My Father Sargent Schriver,” compared the Sandusky trial testimony to his own youth group.  “Our cardinal rule is, if it looks like a pedophile, call the cops.”  Which marked the first time a Kennedy ever used the words “pedophile” and “cardinal” in the same sentence. 

EARLY JOB -- An Apple I computer manufactured in 1976 sold at a Southeby’s auction in New York for $374,000, twice the amount it was expected to bring and eight hundred times the desktop’s original cost.  Now before you snicker, it should be pointed out that it came with a free carrying case and a year’s worth of anti-virus software.


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