THURSDAY, June 28, 2012

6-28-2012 (THUR)
RACQUET RACKET -- The International Tennis Federation has green-lighted development of a "grunt-o-meter" to measure the volume levels of lady tennis stars like Maria Sharapova and Victoria Azeranka who will now be penalized for excessive grunting.  Inspiration for the new device is the "Babble Blaster" developed by Button-Your-Lip Industries, Inc. for network executives at ABC to control cast members of "The View."

SCOUT'S HONOR -- Savannah, Georgia is the site of a week-long celebration marking the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts of America, founded by Savannah resident Juliette Gordon Low.  Hate to be the one to tell them this but Juliette was really Betty Crocker who thought the group would provide the perfect cover to sell cookies.

OH, GIVE ME A HOME -- On the Fourth of July, residents of Wichita, Kansas will gather on the banks of Beaver Creek to salute the 140th anniversary of "Home on the Range," written by Brewster Higley who was inspired by a nearby cabin.  During the festivities, buffalo will be allowed to roam while deer and antelope play, and anyone uttering a discouraging word will be subject to arrest.

SWIPING SCHWINNS -- To curb a rash of bicycle thefts on the University of Nebraska campus, police equipped "bait bikes" with GPS devices to track the thieves.  Embarrassed officials admit that, while they've recovered all the stolen bikes, now the GPS devices are missing.

GRRRRREAT! -- Renegade breakfast cereal manufacturer, Malt-O-Meal, is causing headaches at Kelloggs, Post and General Mills by producing knockoffs of popular cereals at 25% lower prices.  Biggest sellers are “Tootie Fruities,” "Honey Nut Scooters,” and “Marshmallow Mateys.”  However, their “Fructose-Coated Sandusky Showers O' Oats” have somehow failed to catch on. 

                          YouTube VIDEO of the DAY

WHERE'S THE MONEY? -- In 1978, Bob Hope taped an NBC special honoring the World Series.  Here, he recruits Kermit to pitch for his team the Cleveland Indians (He once owned a piece of the team).  Enter Miss Piggy as Kermit's agent who proceeds to negotiate her client out of baseball.  This is one adorable clip.


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