WEDNESDAY, January 25, 2012

Delta Airlines is leading the way in jacking up airfares by being the first national carrier to boost ticket prices 10%.  Signs of cutbacks are everywhere.  Last week, I flew to Cincinnati  and in place of the in-flight movie, one of the cabin stewards put on a tux jacket and made balloon animals.

A woman in Burbank, California was charged with prostitution after vice cops caught her in a McDonald's drive-thru offering to exchange sexual favors for Chicken McNuggets.  Kind of gives a whole new meaning to the Mickey-Doo jingle "I'm lovin' it!" doesn't it?

According to the cover story in this month's Cosmetic Surgeon Magazine, the recession has had a devastating effect on elective procedures. One well-known Beverly Hills practitioner told the interviewer, "If it weren't for Joan Rivers and Cher, there'd be no industry at all." 

According to the latest reports from Beijing, former NBA hoopster Yao Ming is entering politics.  Right now he's wrestling with the critical decision of which party to join -- the Communist, the Communist or the Communist for his first campaign against the popular former governor of Nanjing, Rickshaw Perry.

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