MONDAY, January 2, 2012

What looked like a sure bet for Kim Kardashian to capture the shortest marriage crown for 2011 suddenly evaporated when Sinead O'Conner filed for divorce from her new hubby Barry Herridgein after only 16 days.  She came so close, too.  Isn't twenty days platinum?

In their divorce settlement, Mel Gibson's ex-wife Robyn Moore got several homes, a fleet of cars and clothing that totaled $400 million.  She even got some of Mel's duds -- and to add insult to injury, she mooned him wearing the same kilt he had on when he mooned the enemy in "Braveheart." 

According to a survey conducted by Major League Baseball, the average player in 2011 collected   $3 million in salary.  Which, of course, doesn't include hefty signing bonuses for rookies and Hollywood starlets for veterans. 

Bowl games were traditionally named after fruit -- the Orange Bowl, the Peach Bowl, the Citrus Bow but now fast food companies are getting into the act.  At the Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl, the fans were constantly reminded of the sponsor.  For the coin toss, instead of a coin, they used pepperoni.

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