TUESDAY, January 24, 2012

The current crop of movie hits has not, by those addicted to profit, gone unnoticed.  Never a movie studio to overlook the opportunity to hop on a ticket-sales bandwagon, Disney has green lighted a 3-D cartoon project entitled "The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo."

Donald Trump began placing a bids on Tim Tebow memorabilia and went home with $12,000 worth of the QB's collection.  Ironically, the sale falls right in line with Tim's favorite bible verse, Corinthians 22:11 -- "Blessed are the
gullible, for they shall be fleeced shamelessly.

Faced with federal charges that they violated EEOC rules by refusing employment to applicants with criminal records, Pepsi has agreed to pay a $3 million fine.  Great news for Martha Stewart who can now get that bottling plant job she's been eyeing.

Only twenty-six Americans were killed last year by lightening strikes, the lowest figure in recorded history.  Not surprising since the chances of being struck are one in 12,000,000 -- in layman's terms about the same chance as Captain Schettino going down with his ship.

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