WEDNESDAY, January 4, 2012

Lowe's Home Improvement stores canceled their sponsorship of "All-American Muslim" on TLC prompting Muslim groups to protest outside a Lowe's in New Jersey.   Turns out it wasn't the cancellation that got the riled up -- it was
Lowe's House & Garden associates using slaughtered goats to demonstrate their barbecue grills.

In his new book "Time to Get Tough," Donald Trump says it's time for the U.S. to take off the gloves and confront Beijing.  Don's been miffed at the Chinese ever since he walked into a P. F. Chang's for lunch and the chef took one look
at his hair and thought he was delivering the bird's nest soup.

This year's Super Bowl Halftime will be sponsored by Bridgestone Tires and will feature Madonna in a "Salute to the 1970s."  And what an entrance they have planned.  She'll jump out of a giant Bridgestone radial wearing her trademark
black mesh hose and a bra with pointed steel cups. 

Some dentists are advising their patients to avoid over-indulging lattes because they may contribute to tooth decay.  Urologists feel the same way but for a different reason -- too many lattes cause too many visits to the potte.

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