MONDAY, January 23, 2012

Readers were stunned by a news story that a stranded hiker on Washington's Mount Rainier burned the dollar bills he was carrying to keep warm until rescuers arrived.  Big deal.  In the last Olympics, China kept the Olympic flame going by feeding it fresh, crisp Alexander Hamiltons.

The Federal Appeals Court in Denver has ruled in favor of a Muslim who challenged  Oklahoma's ban on observing Sharia law.  The justices reasoned that if the Oklahoma Klan can wear pillowcases with eye holes, why can't Muslim women?   

Music critics around the world were astounded at the news that Paris Hilton is actually producing another album.  No one holds out much hope of a hit.  Let's put it this way:  Paris is to carrying a tune what Captain Schettino is to steering a cruise ship.

Viewers were shocked that Sarah Michelle Geller actually brought her two-year old daughter to the Golden Globes.  But they're snickering out of the other side of their mouth now.  Producers in the audience signed the kid for the lead in Lifetime's upcoming "The Life of the Gerber Baby." 

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